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The Oracle Direct Path Daemon (odpd) is an utility that moves data from flat files to a running instance of Oracle 9i using the Oracle Call Interface Direct Path API. It is written in C/C++ on Linux.

In a typical usage scenario, a business partner could FTP flat files in a previously agreed upon format to a predetermined directory. odpd could then detect the new data and send it on to Oracle.


  1. Should be able to handle any data file that could be handled by SQL*Loader.
  2. Should "poll" a specified "data directory" and detect when new data has arrived for loading.
  3. Each loading operation should run an independent thread of execution.


  1. Along the way, we want to create true C++ wrappers for OCI Direct Path API, and
  2. Provide exceptionally clear examples of OCI and Direct Path programming


  1. Oracle 9i, obviously. In particular, $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libclntsh.so.
  2. Oracle XDK for parsing config files. In particular, $USR_LOCL_LIB/libxml9.a.
  3. Log for C++ for logging.
  4. Loki Int2Type.
  5. g++. A port to Solaris/CC is planned.

Docs & info

  1. Preview UML diagram. (Requires Dia.)
  2. OCI discussion forum.


Use CVS for now.



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